We sell all types of shelves:
A basic Hollow Shelf is 2 inches thick.
Enamel and veneer shelves are made from a strong, lightweight blend of plywood and mdf. Stained shelves are made from pine or oak veneer plywood.
NOTE: After we receive your order we will send a detailed confirmation email for your verification. Shelves will be sent based on your final verification only. For lighted shelves, simply complete checkout and email for LED price quote (additional charges will apply). Note: We do have a MINIMUM ORDER (10 linear feet).
You can choose to finish in stain, OR colour OR from Behr colour chart (enter code from chart in space provided below)OR veneer (enter veneer choice below). Click For Behr Colours
Click For Formica Colours
For all lengths or colours, please send email to afloatingshelf@gmail.com and request a quote.


Shelf Order Form

Email Address:
Note: We do have a MINIMUM ORDER (10 linear feet).
Step 1: Enter the quantity of shelves you wish to order.
Step 2: Enter the length, thickness and projection of each shelf.
Step 3:Enter the finish (Enamel, Stainless Steel, Formica, Stain) of each shelf.
Your quote will be emailed to you within 24 hours:

* Shipping Note: A basic shipping value of $40.00 is assigned by default. We reserve the right to change the shipping cost (depending on destination distance and weight). You will be notified of any additional shipping costs prior to shipping and item(s) will only be shipped after approval of shipping cost change.

PAYMENTS: We accept Interac e-payments and Paypal. Once you have decided to order, we will send you an invoice for a small deposit on your order (to cover materials and set-up). Your shelves will be delivered within 3 weeks of our receiving the deposit.


Do It Yourself from easy-to-follow instructions (most shelves can be installed in less than 20 minutes)
Your shelves will be delivered to your door.
We are located just North of Toronto and we ship globally.